The grass-cutting and collecting process could have multiple description versions with varying
points of view. For instance, the gardener did not consciously collect the grass in a shape of
beauty to illustrate the 3 dimensional, but to ease the disposal process. As an artist, I view it as
an illustrative transformation process, a geometric transformation from 2-D to 3-D with the aid
of the fourth dimension (time is a fourth dimension in physics). For me, it is a
definite illustration of the interdependence of three known dimensions in the universe, of which
time holds the power of change.

Installation Views

The installation view consists of a concrete floor with cut grass enclosed in a circle drawn with
charcoal. The concrete floor is chosen to contrast so that it would help in communicating the
idea more clearly. The grass is first spread on the floor to illustrate the 2 dimensional and after
some time, the same spread of grass is piled up in a small area within the charcoal circle, which
would illustrate the 3-dimensional shape.