14th FLOOR, GURGAON 2022

It was first time out of my town, I went to Gurgaon for a week a few months ago. On the first day, woke up in the morning and stared at the panoramic view of the city from a sliding window. It was so busy but steady, the haze was a bit diluted in the fog. I was trying to take buzz in, even a fraction of it would do like the thought of being idle for the whole was killing me. Exhaling some of my chaotic thoughts, In the Morning I pour cold water into the electric kettle and switched it on. It was normal like any other day in November, the sun rose like the water droplet inside the kettle. After a while, the whistling of the kettle was at the loudest as the upcoming busiest afternoon. When the water stopped boiling and whistling had faded away, it seemed to be in a way when the brightness fades away after the sunset. Loud noises made their way through the gaps between the sliding window and doors and interrupted my chain of thoughts. The coarse noises of engines mingled with shrieking horns and fainted whispers of people.

The sound and the light were together decorating the city with liveliness. I spent the whole day exploring the city and at around 11 p.m., I decided to go back to the apartment. As I was tired of much liveliness of the city, I chose a lift. As I pressed 14 on the control pane and leaned on one of the walls and closed my eyes. As the lift was going up, the music inside the lift seemed to be taking away my tiredness. A gust of comfort washed over my body, I felt relaxed and I was relaxed. As soon as I stepped into the room, I had this sudden craving to listen to the melancholic melody. I laid down on my back. Plugged in the earphones and played the sad songs lift. As I closed my eyes, I knew the night settled in and I survived the first day in a live city.


Since we are living at a home with family, home is the place where you would get used to with Objects and the dimensions of the objects. Living in a home creates the strongest memory with our natives. In 2021, my home got renovated after 11 years. I was somewhere else when objects were moved in the main hall and I saw half of the room scrapped out. I was not ready for the new experience at my home. It was a conscious choice to remember my own home by charcoal drawings on the wall. It was my last time to living with temporary drawings. It’s hard when something is not with you which you used in routine life. We could value that space and objects when it’s not there (objects like furniture, towel on the nail, dishes etc.) at the same space in the home. This video was an attempt to show the process of getting a new reality layer on the old reality. By scrapping on the wall to layer new white paint on the wall.