Installation Views


Objects in the home will never get old, they will be polished day by day. And one day it will die peacefully. But emotions and feelings are still there. By that time it will come through new experiences within the same space. For instance, the living room sofa you sit on every day and after some years it will change and get a more comfy sofa in the home but old sofa comforts are still there in our body and mind.

How do we see the existence of interior spaces?

How do placements of objects in the home satisfy the subconscious?

What if something (object) would change without our permission in which space do you daily interact with? How do we perceive that space?

There is something in the home which is so fascinating for everyday life. When we get used to space, the mind will stop only the soul of the body will work. There is no need to mind because it’s the safest place. By creating spaces that affect people through the five senses, they had a real connection that was very unusual at the time.

Charcoal drawings on the scrapped wall reflect my relationship with materials in the home and made the two-dimensional drawing on the surface for temporary consolation. Our experience is shaped by object impermanence.

Things exist even if they don’t want to exist. It exists in our minds and will never exit that existence.