Self Portrait on 4 X 2′

Last summer, I missed my friends and good vibes very much. It was a time when everything going so good and we have been talking about something strange is happening in the world. So far we just hanging around, my friend going back to their town. It was short vacation mode for everyone but it became the longest one in life. Because you can’t come out and state become virtual and digital.

Everything is silent in physical space.

I felt lost.

My surrounding suddenly stops moving.

Everything is in isolation right now.

I already exist in this place and I want to talk with this place But It’s in isolation.

This place doesn’t give me  joy like before.

There is no color, no emotions, no feelings at all.

Each place wants to say something to me but I can’t get it.

I’m also in isolation in a 2’x4’ ft. canvas and it’s like a peaceful protest against ISOLATION.



                                                                                                                                                                                        8th August, 2020