Installation View



After 6 months,

This Project was an extension of the first project where I go back into the Journey. It all started at a window where I used to sit and document the construction process of a cricket ground on a daily basis. It became an exercise that included coming to the studio and observing outside activity from the window.

The Studio already started becoming an unconscious site for the next one-year project. Suddenly It converted into a site for display that was just in my subconscious space. I engaged with the site physically and psychologically since the start.

I wanted to inculcate the Old site (where I did my first project) into my Studio. I wanted to recreate the old concrete objects and physical Structures within the studio. Documentation was not enough for me to appreciate the objects, so I did an exercise that I had done in my bachelor’s First year “Object Study”. The drawing of 13 objects enhances the value of each object. The line drawing on the floor sets an entrance to the studio, the new site, and I drew interventions with photographs and objects which ends with the drawing on the window. The drawing on the window is about a mixture of objects, the old construction landscape within the same place describes the change within the site. From here viewers can spot both the things; the drawing and the actual site.