The idea of modern architecture; it’s outer spaces and interior spaces. The idea of minimalism in
modern interior design. I consider these points of entry into my work.
There is a place where we always find comfort that is, inside the home. We coexist with the materials
and objects that we find inside this home. Every object in this house is hidden from plain sight for us but far more important than we think it is. However, cement is a material that is used by people regardless of
In this work, I took inspiration from the structure that I saw in the movie,
“The Platform (2019)”. The concrete floor and the sprawled-out metal structure serve as a space for humans to live in. tried to
portray different classes divided between different levels, separated by concrete floors living in
various luxuries. As we transcend from high-class to low-class living materials also change. And while
incorporating the idea of minimalism, I carefully chose objects which we use every day in our houses.
Light has also played a functional role in depicting the class divide with its gradually diminishing quality.
Objects and furniture that have served common in almost all households have been shown at all
levels. The minimalist attitude with which the objects and the space have been constructed harks at
how less we need even with luxuries. The furniture and space are the same but the atmosphere is different.
There is a type of hierarchy. Space remains the same but interiors change. People interact with spaces on a daily basis but they change their state of mind according to the