Hi, I'm Meet, a Visual Artist from Baroda, Gujarat, India. Currently living and working in Delhi NCR.

My primary focus lies in exploring the psychological aspects related to the spaces and objects that form an integral part of our everyday lives. These spaces encompass diverse locations, each evoking different emotions through our interactions with the ordinary objects found within them, as well as our unconscious behavior while inhabiting these spaces. The transition from one location to another brings about a transformation in our lifestyle, whether it be from home to studio or workspace to elsewhere.

My conceptual investigation, the central theme revolves around understanding the significance of these various spaces and objects and how their meaning evolves in correlation with our mobility. This inquiry explores the varying perceptions of comfort and discomfort associated with specific places. I ponder over the importance of certain places, the memories attached to them, and the activities conducted within, all of which contribute to establishing a comfortable lifestyle. Additionally, how aware we are of the subtle changes occurring in our surroundings.

I engage in a diverse range of artistic mediums, such as drawing, photography, sculpture, found objects, video, and site-specific installations, with an added interest in comics.